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The leading Chiropractor in Aurora IL that will help you maintain higher quality health – Providing back and neck treatments as well as nutritional plans.

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Dr. John Roza

Since the launch of my practice in 1993, my office has excelled in restoring the health of patients after auto or work accidents, sports injuries, and back & neck conditions that arise from time to time.

I pride myself on a small, caring and family type atmosphere or care for my patients. The care is individualized to the specific needs of my patients. 

Why Choose Chiropractic Back and Neck Center

As a chiropractic physician, I concentrate on the restoration of health and the alleviation of pain by conservative means. The relief of pinched nerves is vital. As a specialist in the treatment of muscle, nerve and bone disorders I know accidents and injuries are best treated by a chiropractic physician. There are times when a medical specialist is needed and I have a relationship and work well with many medical doctors of all areas.

Chiropractic Services

Our chiropractic services help you achieve and maintain a higher quality of health by providing back and neck treatments as well as nutritional plans.

auto and work injury chiropractic services

Work & Auto Injury

Get on track to a steady recovery after an auto accident or work related injury.

Sports injury chiropractic services

Sports Injury

Train your muscles and bones again after a sports related injury for a successful recovery.

spinal health chiropractic services

Spinal Health

Good spinal health helps allows your body to function at a higher level and promotes overall wellness.

weight management chiropractic services

Weight Management

Achieve and maintain your desired weight with life-changing diet plans and healthy habits.

Athletic performance chiropractic services

Athletic Performance

Worked with Professional and Division 1 athletes with nutrition and chiropractic routines to improve performance.

beauty preservation chiropractic services

Beauty Preservation

Keep your body in good health and preserve healthy skin, hair, weight and your other beauty features.

Functional Medicine

Chiropractor John Roza Usana Products

We have incorporated Usana Health Sciences as a part of our wellness program! It is a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Supplement Company. #1 Rated By Third Party Biochemical Analysis! Over 1,000 Olympic and Elite Athletes Trust Usana. The Only Company in the Physicians Desk Reference!

Contact Aurora Chiropractor John Roza

In addition to our top of the line chiropractic services, We go the extra mile in ensuring our patients health. common diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and obesity are caused by inflammation and toxins in the body. We use state of the art nutritional functional medicine that is natural and that gives your body the nutrients it needs. This greatly improves your ability to avoid and fight off these diseases and improves overall living by maintaining a healthy body.

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The leading Chiropractor in Aurora IL that will help you maintain higher quality health – Providing back and neck treatments as well as nutritional plans.

Mobile: 630-220-1789
Location: 1730 N. Farnsworth Ave, Suite 1
Aurora, IL 60505
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